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Susan Lebengood has acquired more than 10 years of health care and leadership experience in the Douglas county area. With an intuitive understanding of resident needs and a visionary leadership style, Susan has helped secure outstanding results for Adams House.  Not only has the community earned several deficiency free state surveys, it has also enjoyed a very stable staff and repeated high marks on confidential customer satisfaction survey's from residents, staff and families.

Susan enjoys building and strengthening relationship in the greater community, coaching staff and empowering residents. Susan says she enjoys working at Adams House as it is an uniquely small assisted living community, "It is a great environment for our elderly to live. The residents become more familiar to the community and are able to develop close friendships."

Prior to joining Adams House, Susan served as the administrator of a local residential care facility. Susan began her career in long-term care as an activity director at a retirement community which is what originally spurred her desire to serve elderly and disabled adults.


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Management Company

Concepts in Community Living, Inc. (CCL) has provided management support to Adams House since 2001. CCL is a recognized pioneer in the assisted living field, helping to develop and manage hundreds of assisted living communities, providing consulting services to supportive housing developers, owners, government agencies and social service providers, and being an eminent voice in shaping best practices and policies industry-wide.

CCL envisions supportive communities that elevate the meaning of life, fulfill human needs, and reflect the uniqueness of those served. You are invited to join us in making this vision a reality. Please share your ideas, suggestions and concerns with us by calling 1-800-574-2254, TTY 1-866-583-6144, or sending us an email at info@ccliving.com. What’s important to you, is important to us too! Find us on the web at: www.ccliving.com.

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